Heart Healthy FoodsWhat Chefs are Saying about the ACF Central Florida Chapter…

“As a member of the ACF Central Florida Chapter, it has been incredibly rewarding to have the opportunity to mentor our local culinary students and assist our members in achieving their career goals. I’m thankful to have the chance to support our culinary community through the ACF.” – Dawn Viola

“Shortly after arriving in Central FL, I transferred my ACF membership from NJ. One of the best things I ever did. The camaraderie and the high level of professionalism encouraged me to pursue my certifications. My involvement with the ACF/CFC has been a high point in my career, and I look forward to continuing that involvement.” – Roger Newell, CEC, CCE, CCA, ACE, AAC

“The ACF has been a crucial part of my professional career. Unlike most, I did not have the opportunity to attend Culinary School. My foot in the door to my first job and many of the amazing culinary experiences from a prep cook all the way up to the Corporate Executive Chef position I hold now could be traced back as being active in the ACF.” – Keith R. Esbin

“The ACF Central Florida Chapter has helped me advanced my career through certification, culinary competitions, and professional development. With these, I was able to refine my skills in cooking, organization, and planning. Having the certification gave me the edge in securing prestigious job positions. As the Chapter President for two terms, it has given me the opportunity to run one of the largest and most successful ACF chapters in the nation, enhance the systems in place and increase membership benefits.” – Nora Galdiano, CEC, ACE

“In 2000 I entered my first ACF Culinary competition and was amazed at the professional aspect and level of skill from all, I won a Gold medal that year and kept in touch with many of the judges that year who became large influence’s in my career becoming an ACF Certified Executive Chef. I now Give the Certified Executive Chef exams as an Evaluator and also have coached and mentored numerous other chef entering the professional realm, desiring to better them self’s though the programs offered through the ACF. Those chefs before me passed on their knowledge and I wish to continue that long ACF tradition.” – Nick Barrington, CEC