Dues Incentives Program

This program is designed to encourage participation by all active and junior members in the chapter, by establishing a system of rebate points that can be redeemed by the member toward their annual ACF dues

Points may be earned by:

    • Attendance at general meetings.
    • Hosting or assisting with a general meeting.
    • Committee participation.
    • Assisting or participating in a fundraising or charity event.
    • Recipient of a chapter award.
    • Participation as an elected officer.


Criteria Point Value
Meeting Attendance (arrive by 7:30pm) 1 /mtg
Hosting a Meeting 15
Assisting with Setup of General Meeting 10
Committee Chairperson 20
Committee Co-Chairperson 10
Fundraiser Participant 15
Fundraiser Assistant
– Set-up/Breakdown
– Ticket collection
– Chef’s Assistant, etc.
5 for 2 hrs
10 for 4 hrs
Culinary Competition 20
Chapter Award
– Chef of the Year
– Culinarian of the Year
– Presidents Award
Elected Officer 25
*Value Scale: 1 point = 1 dollar

Members will be given a written receipt for all hours earned. It will be the responsibility of the member to maintain a file of their points that can be redeemed prior to their renewal date. The chapter will not be responsible for keeping track of points earned. All points expire two (2) years from date of issue.