Truck to Trunk Free Product Giveaway July 10th



Hello Chefs,

The ACF and the ACF Central Florida Chapter have partnered with Five Star Gourmet Foods and Farmers of Florida to give away 10# boxes of pre-packaged fruits, vegetables, greens and more. Our first truck to trunk day will be this Friday, July 10th at 10 am.

Huge thanks to Chef Reimund Pitz, CEC, CCE, AAC and Le Coq Au Vin Restaurant for hosting our first of these community events.

Here are the details:

DATE:  Friday, July 10th
TIME:  10 am until all boxes are gone
PLACE:  Le Coq Au Vin Restaurant, 4800 S. Orange Ave, Orlando FL 32806
NOTE:  There is limited space. If the parking lot is full, please circle back until room becomes available.

To inquire about volunteering for these giveaways, please contact Chef Bryan Frick, CEC, AAC at 407-473-2278.

Please share this email to others to help spread the word to the community to come get FREE PRODUCE!!

Full Flyer….

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    1. Hi, Elizabeth! Thanks for asking. We are so happy to do this. We’ve been approved to do 4-6 more of these by the sponsor companies. The next one will be Friday, July 17th at 9 am at the Orange County Convention Center (West Concourse Lot#4). Hope to see you there.

  1. I was there this afternoon and was denied food. The flyer said until all was gone and we clearly saw about 10 boxes being loaded into the cars of those working the. Don’t advertise if you are not going to help. My family and I drove from the Sea Worls area only to be denied.

    1. Good afternoon and thank you for reaching out to us. We are very sorry for your experience. We gave away over 1440 boxes of produce that morning, and most of our volunteers that day are on furlough or laid off–we definitely wanted to reward them for being so giving of their time. We are proud to say that we have been selected to do 4-6 more of these giveaways. The next one is closer to you…it will be this Friday at the Orange County Convention Center beginning at 9 am….Lot #4 by the West Concourse. If you would like for us to set aside a couple of these boxes for you…we’d be very happy to do so.

  2. I was a recipient of your wonderful produce box. It lifted my spirits and helped my pocketbook. Thanks so much for your generous produce giveaway.

    1. Hi, Penny! Thanks for letting us know. We are so happy to do this. We’ve been approved to do 4-6 more of these by the sponsor companies. 😀

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