A Message from our Chapter President


Greetings CFC Chefs,

It’s been a very active summer already and I do apologize for the delay in sending out a President’s Message. I recently returned from the ACF National Convention with a delegation from the ACF Central Florida Chapter, and I must tell you it was an exceptional convention.

Most of you are aware that we went to the ACF National Convention with three very talented and amazing chefs in the final running for their respective major national awards. Chef Joe Alfano, up for the L.J. Minor’s Chef Professionalism Award; Chef Bernd Mueller, up for the Herman Rusch Award; and Chef Peter Vossenberg, up for the Chef Educator of the Year Award. Even though Peter has moved to Augusta, GA, his trip to the finals started with our chapter, and we were proud to support him. Although none of our chefs were chosen as National winners, we are very proud of their accomplishments and the accolades they received were well deserved. They all showed high levels of professionalism, and that is something they can be proud of.

The board representatives of our chapter engaged in detailed conversations with the ACF national office concerning the 2019 Convention, which will be held at the Marriott World Center in the first week of August 2019 in Orlando. We have more meetings scheduled with the national office in the near future, and as we begin our planning, we will keep you up-to-date.

Our last “Meet Up” was held in June at Sysco Central FL, and as usual, the culinary staff at Sysco provided our attending members with a great buffet. I would personally like to thank them once again. On a different note, I am sorry to announce that Chef Luis Reyes, who has been our contact at Sysco for many years, and has served as Sergeant at Arms for the last 2+ years, has transferred to Sysco Tampa. Chef Luis calls Tampa his hometown, and we know he is thrilled to be going back to familiar territory. I want to say thank you to Chef Luis for everything he has done for this chapter, and wish him continued success in his culinary career.

We are preparing for the annual Culinary Arts Competitions at the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show. Our show chairman Joe Hardiman and his team have been very busy organizing and finalizing all the major and minor details. I feel it’s safe to say that, baring another visit from mother nature, we are in a position to have one of the best competitions in a long time. I want to thank Joe and the team for their hard work. I also hope that when we need your support, we can count on our chapter members to be there to volunteer their time. Keep an eye out soon for an email about how to sign up to volunteer.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer, but get ready for a very busy fall season with the ACF Central Florida Chapter. Beyond the competition, we are finalizing plans for two more Chapter Meeting Events, more sponsored Meet Ups, community fundraisers, and our annual holiday events.

I look forward to seeing you at the next event.


Chef Bryan Frick, CEC, AAC
Chapter President
ACF Central Florida Chapter

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The board would like your help reviewing the updated guidelines for chapter award nominees. Please visit this page and help out: http://www.acfcfc.com/chapter-news/member-awards/new-award-guidelines/

REMEMBER: Chefs, it’s time to compete!! Click here for information packets and a link to online registration: http://www.acfcfc.com/events/acf-culinary-arts-competition/

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