FEATURED CHEF ~ Rosanda Williams


Please join us in celebrating Women’s History Month by getting to know the newest member of the ACF Central Florida Chapter’s Board of Directors…Rosanda Williams, Membership Chairwoman.

Name: Rosanda Williams

Certification: In progress

Present Employment: Walt Disney Swan and Dolphin Resort

Past Employments: Universal Studios, Private Food Stylist, Hilton Hotels & Resorts

Special Awards:
2014 – Professional Certificate Chocolate Platter – Cook Craft Create Orlando, FL
2012 – Michelle Block Memorial Fund Scholarship Recipient – Research Chefs Association
2012 – Professional Culinary Team – Bronze Medal, American Culinary Cup. Orlando, FL
2011 – Junior Culinary Student Team – Gold Medal/ 1st place. Florida State Competition
2011 – Individual Student Pastry – Gold Medal/ 1st place. Florida State Competition

Schooling and Training:
A.S. degree in Baking and Pastry Management and
A.S. degree in Culinary Management at Valencia College – Orlando, Florida
B.S. Advertisement at PUCCAMP, Brazil
Pastry Internship with chef David Ramirez

Mentor Chefs: 1st my mom, Chef Ken Bourgoin and Chef Nora Galdiano

How did these chefs impact your career?
First of all, I have to explain why I included my mom, she grew up in a farm so charcuterie, barbecue, garde manger, baking, and the concept from farm to table was part of her life and my childhood. She was the main reason I went to Culinary and Baking school. The lessons I learned from her are still alive and strong even after all these years that she died.

Chef Ken was the professor for some of my culinary classes at Valencia College. He taught me professionalism and ethics which helped me work through the challenges of the kitchen and culinary competitions at the local, state and regional levels.

Chef Nora Galdiano: I had the opportunity to work and volunteer with her side by side in two of my past jobs. She inspired me to be the best, to excel with everything I do. She always took the time to explain and demonstrate the tasks to be done. Chef Nora is a great example of the type of chef I want to be.

What are your favorite dishes to prepare?
I have a lot of favorite dishes but currently my most favorite is butternut and kale curry. A vegan dish that combines cumin, turmeric and coconut cream. It is very healthy, great balance of flavors and it is easy to prepare.

What are your favorite food to eat?
Hmm, can I say chocolate? I would say anything that reminds me from home. Rice and beans, Spaghetti and meatballs.

What is your favorite cookbook?
I have so many great books I could include here, for now I would say “The Food Lab by J. Kenji Lopes-Aly, Better Home Cooking Through Science” In this book the author combines personal stories, recipes and food science experiments for day-to-day dishes.

Ingredients You could not live without?
Chocolate, Flavored Balsamic Vinegar, Herbs of Provence, and lots of fruit.

What gives you pleasure on the job every day?
In my currently job I work the juice station, I like when the guest tells me that they began to include juice in their daily routine after trying the juices I prepare every day.

What was your worst disaster in the kitchen?
My worst disaster in the kitchen was when I was 23 years old. I cooked a rice and beans dinner for two but I added enough salt for 6 people.

Professionally I had some cuts and bruises but nothing major.

How did you turn it around?
Unfortunately, there was not a turn around from it. I trashed the food and asked my mom for help on how to cook smaller portions.

What advice do you have for new Culinarians?
Be curious, be open to learn and try new things. Believe in your dreams even if you are the only one believing it. The most important thing is surround yourself of professionals and friends that will inspire you, teach you and support you in your journey.

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