Welcome to a New & Exciting Year!


Dear Chefs, Culinarians and Colleagues,

Looking forward to a exciting two year’s ahead! We have a lot to accomplish with some interesting changes. As your new chapter board settles in, change is our key focus in our first year. We talk about it, but it’s difficult to put into motion—like New Year’s Resolutions. The board embraces a new direction to expand our chapter in all aspects for these next years and beyond.

Below are some key initiatives that the leadership team has targeted:

  • Centralized Meetings — Choosing a location with an environment that is supportive of the organization, provides a quality meeting event experience, is accessible to more attendees, and timing adjusted to allow our members to get to our meetings from work after a busy and hectic day.
  • Local Charity Events — As a chapter, we will increase our presence at local fundraisers to help promote good will and encourage health and wellness initiatives, out-reach shelters, Boys and Girls Club, etc. We will also utilize 50/50 raffle funds raised at chapter meetings and events to help our community.
  • Creating an “Event” — Chapter meetings will not be “just a meeting”. There will be 4 Meeting Events per year with an emphasis on these Four Pillars: 1) Educational 2) Culinary Learnings 3) Community Involvement 4) Membership . Each meeting event will start with a brief chapter informative update in fun way. Also, each meeting will feature guest speakers and demonstrations that you will say “I gotta go to the meeting tonight!”
  • Board Meetings by Skype — Let’s not waste time traveling. By utilizing technology, we can do more in less time, avoid the traffic hassle, and increase involvement in the board meetings.

As I close this message, I am excited about the new directions and exciting possibilities. Your new board invites you to join us in helping to build an exciting and strong chapter for years to come. I ask for you to get involved, attend, and support your chapter. Let’s make a difference in 2018 for our chapter and the community.

Happy New Year,

Bryan Frick
ACF Central Florida Chapter

Upcoming Events
Save the date and join us for these upcoming events:
Mar 5 – First Chapter Meeting Event of the year! Save the date!
Apr 14 – Cattle Baron’s Ball
May 7 – Chapter Meeting Event

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