Deadlines Approaching for the 2015 Culinary Arts Competitions

American Culinary FederationACF News ContestsDeadlines Approaching for the 2015 Culinary Arts Competitions


Hello, Chefs!

The ACF/CFC 2015 Culinary Expo is October 6th through 8th at the Orlando Convention Center. Here is a quick link to the FRLA Show website for more information on the annual event. And here is a link to download the current information packet about the Culinary Expo. As a reminder, the registration deadlines for the culinary arts competitions are:

  • AUG 25th for the 2-Man Team Culinary Cup Challenge, Taste of Elegance Pork Signature, and the new Farm to Table Vegetable Signature.
  • SEPT 1st for the Pastry Challenge


DID YOU KNOW? The new 2-Man Team Culinary Cup Challenge comes with a Grand Prize payout of $10,000 – and $1000s more awarded from 2nd thru 8th place!

AND DID YOU KNOW? This year’s Pastry Challenge theme is “Flower Power & the 70s Generation”!

Thousands more in prizes throughout all of the competitions. But you can’t win if you don’t enter. So, fill out your application form today! Time is running out.

See you at the 2015 FRLA Show!

Lynda Gail Alfano
Marketing Director & Website Manager
ACF Central Florida Chapter

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