Chapter Elections Are Coming! The Nominees Are ~

American Culinary FederationACF NewsChapter Elections Are Coming! The Nominees Are ~

VotingIconIn the first week of December, ballots will be emailed to all of the current members of the ACF Central Florida Chapter. (Note: The ballots will go to the email address you have on file with the national ACF office.) Please keep an eye out for that ballot and please vote. This is your chapter and every vote counts.

In preparation for the upcoming ballot email, here are your candidates and they each have a message for you.

Your Candidates for the 2014-2015 ACF/CFC Board of Directors are…

For Chapter President (in alphabetical order):

Nick Barrington  –  “My name is Chef Nick Barrington, CEC, ACE and I would be honored to represent you for the next two years as President of the ACF Central Florida Chapter. I have been a member since 1998, and I am proud to say that this chapter has helped me reach many professional goals. I made the decision to run for Chapter President for multiple reasons, but the most important was to be a voice for you. I wish to honor our chapter’s treasured past while focusing on the future, moving forward with fresh ideas, exciting events, and new chef-oriented learning opportunities. I would be honored to have your vote and I look forward to assisting each and every one of you to reach your professional culinary goals – as the ACF and my mentors did for me.”

Richard Cote  –  “I am Richard Cote, CEC, and I am asking you to vote for me as President of our chapter. I hope to continue our progress with membership, educational seminars, and other community projects to bring awareness for our Chapter. We need to do more in the self-promotion area and in community outreach to help prospective members realize who we are in relation to the food industry. Having been a member of our Board of Directors for a long time, I am familiar as to how the system works for the optimal benefit of the organization, I am again, asking for your vote.”

For Vice President:

Joe Alfano  –  “I have taken my volunteer efforts very seriously. I strongly believe in giving back to our membership and to our community and I have always assisted this chapter in moving towards those goals. I would consider it to be an honor and a privilege to continue to serve you in a second term as Vice President of the ACF Central Florida Chapter.”

For Secretary:

Lauren Cooke  –  “I would like to be secretary because I want to be part of the board and be more involved in the Central Florida chapter, this would be fun for me.”

For Sergeant at Arms:

Keith Esbin  –  “As Sergeant At Arms, my focus for the upcoming term is to ensure that each member has the most positive experience at meetings, events, and functions. I will also continue to be a go-to resource for all of our members and the rest of the elected and appointed board.”

For Treasurer:

Roger Newell  –  “Although I am running unopposed, I would like you to know that I appreciate your trust. Be assured that I will continue to do my best to make sure that the chapter finances are protected and that we remain fiscally sound. Thank You.”

And now your candidates for your 2013 Chef of the Year…(in alphabetical order)

Lauren Cooke  –  “I have worked in the Orlando area as a chef for over 30 years and I’ve helped open some of the finest hotels in the area – the Hilton in Lake Buena Vista, Marriott World Center, Epcot France, and the Peabody Hotel. I am a Certified Executive Pastry Chef and I am excited to soon become a Certified Executive Chef. The ACF Central Florida Chapter has given me the opportunity to work with some of the most talented chefs in this area. It’s a great chapter to be a part of. Thank you.”

Keith R. Esbin  –  “There are too many things to list that would convince you why I am an excellent candidate for Chef of the Year, so I will just give you my top 5 of what I did just in this year. As Membership Chair, I helped create the New Member Package that has helped us grow by 96 new members this year. Winning 2 national recipe contests, being in a national advertising campaign, doing demos on TV, and participating in a majority of local high profile culinary and charity events has garnered many positive views and opinions for our chapter. I provided food for our members at 3 of the meetings this year, as well as hosting the popular Student Seafood Relay at Bar Harbor. I donated, at my own expense and time, dozens of autographed items, gift cards, and other items for our monthly raffles. And I’ve assisted members and students by arranging for seafood and other product for competitions, classes, and contests.”

Marcus Herrington  –  “You can’t miss with this line up of great chefs. All three of us are actively involved in the chapter and each of us deserves this recognition. Any vote you make will be the right one. Thank you.”

Thanks to all of the candidates for their dedication to this chapter and to the local culinary community. Good luck to you all.
Don’t forget to vote!

Lynda Gail Alfano
Chapter Marketing Consultant

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