Chef Instructors Wanted for Sizzle Magazine

American Culinary FederationACF NewsChef Instructors Wanted for Sizzle Magazine

Sizzle_SummerIssueCoverThe editor of Sizzle is looking for chef-instructors who would like to be featured in the winter issue of Sizzle – the ACF’s digital quarterly magazine for culinary students. Following are the departments with availabilities:

Classical V. Modern is a joint effort by a chef or chef-instructor and a student or apprentice in which the student develops a classical recipe and chef offers up a creative, modern version of the same dish or item. It can also be done by two chef-instructors.

By Degrees highlights a dish or procedure that culinary students should learn. It is demonstrated by description and with step-by-step photos.

International Flavors focuses on a region of the world from a culinary perspective. The locale may be someplace recently visited, the chef’s home country, or current location outside the U.S.

Slice of Life is written by culinary students involved in an interesting externship in which they share a day in their externship life in diary format. Do you know of a student you could recommend at your school who is involved in an interesting externship?

To view an example of any of these departments, see the summer issue:

Please email if you would like to be featured in the winter issue or any future issue.

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