Welcome to New Members


DSC_0138At the June meeting, the following new members were inducted into the ACF Central Florida Chapter: Pablo Martinez Jr, Paul D’Amelio, Eric Roviaro, Eneydi Torres, Noedmari DeLaluz, Renata Hall, Matthew Magro, Sahib Singh, Jeff Paul, Arthur Taylor, and Paul Kemp II.


A message from Keith R. Esbin – 2nd Vice President/Membership Chair:

“We have been very pleased with the success of our New Membership Package Presentation that we have held at meetings every other month. The chapter chef coat and chapter pin brings the value of your membership way up. The Welcome Letter from the Chapter President, a framed copy of the Culinarian’s Code, and the recognition in front of the chapter gives each new member a strong sense of belonging. There have been a number of new members that have not responded to my initial welcome e-mails or phone messages. If you have made the decision to join and have paid your dues, do not hesitate to immediately reach out to me with your chef jacket size and how you want your name and title to read. My Cell # is 407-832-7330 and e-mail address is keithe@bostonlobsterfeast.com”

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