Luis M Reyes, CEC


Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Luis moved to Florida and enrolled at the Florida Culinary Institute and graduated with degrees in Culinary Arts and Food and Beverage Management in 1996.

Luis worked for various restaurants and hotels including The Breakers Hotel and Cucina del’ Arte in Palm Beach, Benvenuto Caterestaurant in Boynton Beach and The Ponce Hilton Hotel and Casino in Ponce, Puerto Rico. He joined the American Culinary Federation and was elected a board member in the Palm Beach chapter. In 2005, he earned the Certified Executive Chef certification.

In 2006, Luis joined Sysco and worked as a Marketing Specialist and Marketing Associate, and in 2008 he was promoted to Executive Chef for Sysco Central Florida.

“My career started with my father and grandfather showing me the importance of the hard work, determination and to achieve the goals that you set for yourself. My culinary interest began with my grandmother and mother as they centered the family around the kitchen; where food was not just a necessity of life but a way to enjoy life itself with the people you love.

As a young chef, Chef William Brinkley CEC,AAC and Chef Agustin Pacheco woke up and inspired the chef in me. Learning early in my career the importance of flavor, colors and textures in every bite; attention to detail and to respect and enjoy every ingredient. As a Sysco Chef, I have the opportunity to work with many chefs and owners, visit their properties and help them in their business to be more profitable.”

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