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Chef Nicholas Barrington

Nicholas Barrington, CEC

Arnold Palmers Bay Hill Country Club & Lodge, Orlando Florida 1993-Present

Certification: Currently working towards CEC, “All aspects completed just Waiting to take the practical”

Past Employment: Barrington Catering & Party Planning,  “All of Southern California” 1990-1993

Special Awards: Gold & Silver ACF Medals, Gold & Jeweled Umbrella Pin for 15 years employment with Mr. Arnold Palmer

School /Training: First Graduating class of the Southeastern Culinary Academy “Taught by Chef Pierre Pilloud CEC”, continuation classes CIA at Greystone. Training is always on-going, and there is always something to learn through competition or helping at a community event. I volunteer as much as possible this allows me to step away from what I do at my work place and network and experience others in theirs.

Mentor Chefs: Charles Carroll, CEC AAC, River Oaks Country Club, Houston Texas; Charlie Trotter AAC, Trotters, Chicago; Thomas Keller, Thomas Keller Restaurant Group, Yountville California

How did these chefs impact your career? Chef Carroll showed me true dedication that’s required to become not only a great chef, but a true leader and how to help others reach higher goals as a culinary professional. Chef Trotter has shown not only me but numerous others around the world that our impact as chefs are far reaching beyond the confines of the kitchen and can impact and affect many others as well we are ambassadors for the food culture and must embrace and understand all aspects of Food. Chef Keller has led me to understanding the connection and love of food, where it comes from, the respect for the people who harvest the products we use each day, and to serve our guests. The common ingredient all of these chefs have is that they taught me the importance for teamwork. No one person is more important than the other. We succeed as a team or we fail as a team.

Personal Mentor: Mrs. Winnie Palmer, I would work day after day when starting at Bay Hill and was amazed that with out name tags Mrs. Palmer would remember every person’s first and last name without hesitation. “We have 200 plus employees.” She would eat lunch with the employees in the employee lunchroom sitting side by side with stewards and housekeeping and executives alike and always treated us all with respect no matter what our title or position was. She taught me to always help those in need especially woman and children, and I am proud to say that I and numerous others have helped the Winnie Palmer & Arnold Palmer hospitals for numerous years with critically ill children during the holidays.

Favorite dish to prepare: All types of breakfast items. I love the delicate and numerous uses of eggs and breakfast items.

Favorite Food To eat: Foie gras and anything fresh from the garden and at the peak of the season

Favorite Cook book: Charlie Trotter Chicago (Copyright 1994),  showed me that food can be art and raised to a higher level

Ingredient you could not live without: Salt, all types

What Gives You pleasure on the job every day? Mentoring and teaching others and seeing them grow in their love of food and the culinary arts. Seeing them grow and become leaders in the culinary industry.

What is the worst disaster in the kitchen: Complete power outage 2 hours before a large plated Bqt for 250+ guests.

How did you turn it around: We cooked on a large BBQ grill out side and portable butane burners.

What Advice do you give for new culinarians? Continue to learn each day, challenge your abilities and limits. Read Chef Charles Carroll Books

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