New Membership Chairperson – Chef Keith Esbin

American Culinary FederationPresident's MessageNew Membership Chairperson – Chef Keith Esbin

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Greetings Chefs, Culinarians, and Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce the appointment of Chef Keith Esbin, Corporate Chef of Bar Harbor Seafood/Boston Lobster Feast, as the new Membership Chairperson. Chef Keith does not hold back when it comes to approaching people and he has a high spirited personality that is needed for the position. I am confident that Chef Keith will be able to recruit new members into our Chapter as well as bringing back members that have not renewed their membership.

Please give a warm welcome to John Kennedy and Joseph R. Roberti, our newest members of the Chapter. Joseph is an enthusiastic line cook at the Citrus Club.

The Taste of Compassion Street Party took place on April 5th at the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Orlando. There were 700+ people in attendance to enjoy the event. A BIG thank you to the Chefs for their participation and for making the event successful!

Don’t forget to vote for Chef Ed Colleran’s (Universal Studios) Roasted Fish Crispy Slaw Wrap recipe for the Healthy Kids Recipe Competition.

If you are in the process of working towards your certification and need to take the practical exam, please contact Chef Russell Scott, CMC to be put on the list at We are working on a future date for the practical.

The Membership Department at the National office would like to share with you a new program recently approved by the ACF Board of Directors. The Deferred Dues Program was developed to assist members in the chapters who have experienced financial hardship due to the economy and are currently unemployed. ACF will provide member with one year of deferred dues, if they meet the criteria and are approved by the Chapter President. For eligibility or for any further questions, contact Linda Leo, Membership Manager at (800) 624-9458, ext. 107, or (904) 484-0207.

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